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HOW TO: Set Yourself Up For A Gap Year In Australia

July 11th, 2011

If you are thinking about a gap year in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa (WHV), it helps to be prepared before you leave. When I first started planning this trip, we relied heavily on forum posts and other blogs for various bits of information. This post aims to collate all of those things.

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Aussie Wanderer: Kings Park, The Pinnacles, Lobster Factory & Reggie’s House

January 12th, 2011

So we waited at the Wellington Street Tourist bus stop in Perth from 7:20 like we were asked. Pickup was supposed to be at around 7:30 but 7:45 was fine. Our bags were placed in to the trailer behind by two overly enthusiastic tour guides and we were on our way! We zipped around Perth, making various stops and eventually the 16 seater was almost full. The 3 of us sat at the back, not really sure what to expect. We might have been ‘travelling’ for over two months, but we led a sheltered life whilst staying with my sister. We said hello to people as they got on the bus, and then listened intently as they had conversations with each other to see if there were any talking points we could use.

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Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi

December 17th, 2010

Our trip to the Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi began with a 7am wake up call from our tour guide, Tong. We were ideally supposed to be dressed and ready before 6:50am, however I plugged my phone into my laptop to charge and it changed the time back to English. Needless to say, we weren’t off to the best of starts.


Tong was calm and told us to meet her at the entrance, we did so in record time, I even skipped the shower, as the photos will reveal.

We jumped into our private minibus and headed towards Tiger Temple, which technically isn’t a temple. Tong reasoned that we had time to make a quick stop at the River Kwai Bridge, for a quick photo and a brief history lesson, I’m glad she allowed some time for this as we didn’t get an opportunity to return.

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Khao San Road in Bangkok

November 14th, 2010

So the last few weeks have been pretty crazy. We started our round the world trip in Bangkok, I don’t think we were prepared for the culture shock. We should have started somewhere closer; like Southend.

The three of us left our homes in separate cars, from different places, as our parents all wanted to say goodbye. We immediately hit trouble as we got close to Heathrow Airport (it was my first time flying from this particular airport and the layout is ridiculous, which didn’t help). Each of us hit *really* bad traffic, just what we needed on our first day.

After a nerve racking *extra* 40 minutes of driving, wondering if we were all going to make it, we met each other at the gate.

Heathrow Airport

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Should you take your laptop backpacking?

November 13th, 2010

A question that I see asked a lot on forums and twitter is ‘should I take my laptop travelling?‘.
The answer very much depends on what you will need it for, and how long you expect to be using it per day or per week.
Maybe you are a technophobe who is simply worried about keeping friends and family updated so they know you are safe?
In cases like this, I am confident that you will probably manage with the computers/internet provided by hostels (sometimes free) and internet cafes.

Maybe you are a Facebook addict who has to update everyone like ‘OMGZ I JUST SAW A KANGAROO! LOL!1‘?
I almost fall into this category. I’m the sad Twitter user who wakes up in the middle of the night to make sure the internet is still there.
Ok, it isn’t quite that bad, but I am a web designer by trade; therefore I need some tools to get my job done. As such I will be taking my 13″ Macbook Pro with me.
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5 Things I Bought For Backpacking Australia

July 23rd, 2010


Our departure date is getting closer and closer. I know this because I check the countdown every day. Not because I forgot how long we have to go, just because looking at it in print (or on screen) makes it that much more real.

I am writing this post to get myself a little more excited about the mammoth trip I am about to take, and also in the hope that possibly this information will help someone looking to prepare for a long trip away.

The following is a list of 5 things I have purchased in preparation for Australia and why I think they will be useful.

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Testing out new software!

July 21st, 2010

So here I am, testing out some new software to see if it is helpful when travelling around Australia.

To see if it makes my life any easier for saving drafts of posts when I am not connected to the internet.

To see how easy it is to upload images using this software:

Huge Corpser in a Glass!

Ok, so that was pretty easy.. But the real test will be to see how well it works when uploading all the data.

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My Canon G11 Arrived! Smile!

July 6th, 2010

So my new camera arrived recently, and I’ve spent a few days playing with it. Very cool indeed.

Imagine if a point and shoot and a DSLR spent 3 hours together, alone, in a hotel.. Naked. 9 months later, out would come the baby Canon G11, a full featured and highly spec’d camera feels substantial but not too heavy that you wouldn’t want to take it out to play.

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100 Days till Australia!

July 1st, 2010

Calum inside a Wallaby

Jesus Christ!
At the time of writing, my little PHP counter to the right displays only 100 days until the three of us set off on a pretty scary experience.

Shelley, Calum and I are going away from what we know and towards what we don’t for a whole year.

This first post on the WizardOfAus blog is partly to make sure it works, and partly so future me can look back on the blog when I get bak from the trip and admire how naive I was about the whole thing!

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